A speaker tells her story

A HIV positive speaker tells her story

A HIV positive speaker tells her story

We have an encouraging report from Khartoum of the first two HIV/AIDS awareness outreaches in the outskirts of Khartoum and Omdurman which were attended in all by 188 people, many of them women, who had earlier attended a literacy class in Wad el Bashir.

The TFS volunteers worked with volunteers from our local partner, the Babiker Badri Scientific Association, to deliver messages about HIV/AIDS, prevention, living with HIV/AIDS and caring for affected people.

The messages are delivered through a mixture of talks, discussion, role plays and use of posters and pamphlets. The participants asked a number of good questions which showed their awareness of the importance of the subject. Six further outreaches are planned over the coming three months. We shall be seeking new funding to enable us to continue the project into the New Year.

Attendances for HIV/AIDS Outreaches Sept 2012
Date Outreach Areas Male Female Teenage Total
15/09/12 No.1 Omdurman/wadelbashir/B52 0 126 0 126
27/09/12 No.2 Khartoum/Mayo/B32 12 34 16 62
Sub Total 12 131 16 188
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The need for HIV/AIDS awareness is immense.

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A lecture on HIV/AIDS A lecture is given on HIV and AIDS

Please note that in 2013 Together for Sudan was renamed the Women's Education Partnership