Directors Visit to Sudan in March 2014 and news from South Sudan

The Director visits our projects, meeting our staff in Khartoum and our students in both South Sudan and Sudan on a regular basis. Through these visits we build up the personal links which are at the heart of Women's Educational Partnership.

Our aims in Sudan and South Sudan

  • To fund university scholarships for women
  • To develop vocational, literary and teacher training programmes for women
  • To support education programmes in health care for women where is greatest need

Visiting helps to ensure that every penny of money which is raised is used wisely. Our website and blog are ways of keeping in touch with you and we are delighted to share the stories of Women's Education Partnership making a real difference for disadvantaged and displaced women.

Recent Stories

Recently I have visited Sudan and have news of South Sudan, these are some of my stories.

All our students in Ahfad University

Women's Education Partnership University Students in Ahfad University Khartoum