Elementary Schools

Women's Education Partnership are supporting 10 schools near Khartoum where there are deprived children. The director was pleased in March 2014 to see how our work is progressing in these schools.

We are currently helping with the fees of 133 orphan children (74 girls and 59 boys). We also assist 20 teachers (mainly women in the schools).

A Head Teacher with Orphan school children sponsored by WEP

The Headteacher of an elementary school with some of the orphans we care assist by paying for them to go to school.

On our visit to Khartoum Penny and I talked with teacher in 6 of our supported schools. We are helping orphan children in one school because at a nearby sponsored adult literacy class for women, we had been told by the women that they needed help with their children while going to classes.

WEP sponsored children study at a school


Young children sponsored by WEP


Children sponsored by WEP line up for a picture


At another school we saw one of our basic eye care outreaches taking place nearby, helping staff, children and their parents to become more healthy.

Two Elementary School Teachers sponsored by WEP

Two elementary school teachers supported by Women's Education Partnership.