Eye Care Outreaches

This report was updated following the director's visit in March 2014

Dr Nabila a consultant ophthalmologist takes basic eye care to the people who need it most. We have supported her work for over 15 years and it continues.

The basic eye care outreaches happen in places where the most disadvantaged women meet. We are able to provide health care and some medicines. In 2013 in these eye care outreaches, 1485 patients were seen and 236 operations were carried out.

An eye care outreach in progress

Dr Nabila with Izdihar as "Receptionist"

Two of our students studying at Ahfad University come as volunteers to assist in the eye care outreaches. Izidihar one of our Khartoum project centre staff acts as coordinator and "receptionist" at the clinics.

We plan to hold more eye care outreaches near to the elementary schools which we support.

Dr Nabila treating an eye care need

Dr Nabila inspects another eye

Dr Nabila Radi is encouraging some of the medical students whom she is teaching to do voluntary work with us also.

An undergraduate volunteer helps at an eye care outreach

One of our undergraduate students volunteering at an outreach

We need funds to make these eye care outreaches happen. £500 pays for one outreach including the medicines. 200 patients are seen and helped with eye problems and general medical problems.

Dr Nabila tells the story of healing at an eye care outreach in Khartoum

An eye care outreach in Khartoum

An outreach in progress, Izdihar is wearing the red head scarf and our two Ahfad University volunteers are on the left.