Eyecare Outreach at Alengaz

A report by Izdehar, a member of our Khartoum monitoring staff - 16th August 2014

The outreach was held at Alengaz. This outreach was requested by the Gadi Organization for Motherhood & Childhood.

Dr Nabila (a founding supporter of Together for Sudan and Women's Education Partnership) saw 75 disadvantaged people who were suffering from the following conditions:

  • 10 urgent operations 7 Cataracts, 1 Chalazions, 1 Ptergium and 1 Cyst who were sent to the Aburoff Clinic urgently. 1 operation will be done at Dr Nabila's Clinic.
  • X-ray - one patient was sent to hospital to have an x.ray because the young lady has a cataract. Dr Nabila said that before the operation she needs to know the reason for the cataract.
  • 20 people who needed corrective lenses were sent to Khartoum hospital to have eye examinations.
  • We distributed 4 pairs of reading glasses and 1 pair of sun glasses.

The outreach began at 11.30am and ended at 4:00pm.

Medicines Required Surgery Glasses Females Males Children Total number of patients
48 10 5 51 16 18 75

Two people that were seen in the Eyecare Outreach

Hawa has a cyst on her eye

Hawa is 39 years old. She lives in the Alengaz area. Hawa has a Cyst treated by Dr. Nabila, it will be seen again on Friday 22 August at the Aburoff clinic.

Yassein has Chalazion

Yassein is 28 years old and from west Sudan. He lives in the Alengaz area . He is he suffering with Chalazion in his left eye. This will be treated by Dr.Nabila in I Khartoum Hospital on Thursday 20th August.

The volunteer WEP scholar who shared the responsibility for running the eye care outreach at Alengaz.

Aisha is a Women's Education Partnership sponsored student


Aisha is one of our Women's Education Partnership sponsored students at Ahfad University for Women, school of Management with a Major of Business Administration. Aisha is in her 4th year. She is from the Nuba Mountains. Aisha was a volunteer, helping to organize the eye care outreach. She talked to the deprived and disadvantaged women to find out what they needed most.

The Women told Aisha they needed education and health Care. The Women said they wanted training so they could raise their families better and find work.

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