Sarah - A Women's Education Partnership University Graduate

Sarah a WEP Graduate

Sarah is a University Graduate and we are proud of her

Women's Education Partnership supports girls to study at university in Khartoum.Through the generosity of our supporters we are able to offer scholarships to disadvantaged girls so they can study at university.

Thank you for assisting with the fees. Just £700 supports a (non residential) student at Ahfad University for Women in Khartoum for one year.

This is Sarah. She comes from South Sudan. Grace graduated from Ahfad University in April 2015.

Here are her words:

My name is Sarah. I graduated from Ahfad University in 2014. I came originally from Singa.

I studied Health Science at university and received a Good grade.

I am the fourth child of my parents and the first one to receive a scholarship and the first one to go to university. My sisters and brothers did not complete their studies because there was not sufficient money in the family. They stopped studying at secondary level and I thought mine might have to.

I learnt about the scholarship through my neighbour who studied at Ahfad and she told me about the scholarship and I then applied and was very pleased when I was accepted.

I want to say thank you to all the people in Together for Sudan/ Women's Education Partnership because they supported my life and were the major reason for me completing my studies.

After graduating from Ahfad, I have been working in a large government hospital for one year in the service of my country. I gained experience in doing this and received certificates. I now am qualified to work in public health and will be looking for a job in that area. While at the hospital I continued to learn English and became a good communicator.

At the end of secondary school, I was sad and thought that I might not be able to go on with my studies because everything had stopped for me. TfS gave me financial help and encouraged me to complete my studies and gain a certificate in education and graduate. My aim now is to find work so I do not depend on any other person in my family for money or for work. With my graduation certificate I am able to do this.

Thank you