News from South Sudan - March 2014

Ten University Scholars

We now have 10 scholars studying at Juba University. They completed their course and despite the disturbances are on track towards good grades at the end of the year.

We recently selected two new Sarum St Michael scholars

Peter and penny with some of our students

Peter and Penny with seven of our Women's Education Partnership Students in Juba 2013

After the initial violence in December, we heard that the university had started an extended vacation. Dr Philip, the Executive Director of the University kept in contact with us on a regular basis, informing us that in mid January the university was resuming teaching and that our students would sit their exams in February as originally planned.

HIV/Aids outreaches run by NWERO

We have had contact with Sara and Editha at NWEO and they are both safe. They plan to submit proposal for further HIV/Aids outreach work very soon.

Juba, with a fast increasing population has even more need of HIV/Aids outreaches. We will move forward as fast as the security situation allows, assuming our sponsors stay with the project.

Adult Literacy

We await a further update on the classes run by the Norwegian Refugee Council on our behalf. They were suspended temporarily in December.

Kimu Health Clinic

Tecnicians at the Kimu Health Clinic

Kimu Clinic technicians in 2013

Silas Jojo has kept in regular contact with us by Email throughout the troubles. He is safe although members of his family have moved north. He is continuing to provide health care for the local community.

Operations are taking place at the clinic using equipment given by WEP Friends.

We have sponsored support for the training of three health care assistants who will come from the community and work to improve capacity at Kimu.

Despite local and country wide disturbances, none of our friends in Juba has complained, rather they have tried to work on and move forward in hope that peace will come. We are blessed to know amazing people there and we will continue to support them.