University Students

We currently pay the fees for 83 women undergraduates studying in Sudan and 10 in South Sudan. They study a wide range of subjects including heath science, administration, engineering, medicine and law.

Our Students at Ahfad University

All our wonderful hardworking students at Ahfad University

A WEP University Student

A typical WEP University Student

Dr Gasim Badri the President of Ahfad University praised our support as a unique contribution to the development through education of women who are disadvantaged.

In South Sudan our support is deeply appreciated by the Vice Chancellor of Juba University and his Executive Director. They support and help to monitor the progress of our students.

Just £750 provides the fees for a year and some additional support for an undergraduate. We select and look after only those girls who are most in need due to their background. We look for those girls who have shown potential by really struggling to do well up to the time of applying to university.

We monitor carefully and care for our students and they go into a wide range of employment after qualifying.

In March we met 75 of our students at Ahfad university and talked with them all about their experiences. We heard stories of courage to get to university and overcome hardships.

We met young women who were determined to work hard and make a difference in their own families and in their country.

"Education is really important and thank you" they said.

WEP University Students

WEP students in a jubilent mood

WEP Students in Ahfad University

Smiling WEP students