A Word From Altuoma

Altuoma is one many Sudanese women learning to read and write through a Women's Education partnership literacy class.

Altuoma hard at work

Altuoma Hard at work studying

My name is Altuoma Abdallah Khalou, 55 years old; I am a Nuba (Hiban tribe). As a result of civil war in the Nuba Mountains I was obliged to leave my homeland with my husband to come to Khartoum. I settled at Alfateh (2) a remote area in Omdurman.

I am very pleased that my dreams are becoming reality by getting access to education, which will enable me to acquire reading and writing skills, if I go to the hospital, I will know doctor's room, laboratory and pharmacy through reading signboards without asking any person to direct me. Also I can help my children to revise their school lessons and do their homework properly. I am looking forward for that day which I will tell everybody about it.

My ambition is to be a midwife so as to help impoverished women.

I would like to thank The Women's Education Partnership for its kind support and also I would like to thank Refugee International Japan through whose donation I am acquiring the skills of reading and writing.

Current funding position

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Funding from Refugees International Japan and the British Embassy, Khartoum is available for next 12 months, at current levels of activity. We are very grateful to both organisations for their continued support with this project.

A WEP Literacy class

A WEP literacy class in Omdurman