Appeal for Support- An Appeal on Behalf of The Women's Education Partnership

Who We Are

Hani Hamid a TfS vocational scholar

This is Hani a WEP Vocational Scholar showing off his diploma. He can find work and support his family now.

The Women's Education Partnership, British charity no. 1151145, was born in Sudan in 1996 when Lillian Craig Harris, wife of British Ambassador Alan Goulty, was asked by an impoverished woman to put her daughter through university. Working only in Sudan and taking its lead from what displaced and marginalized people say they need, the charity seeks to help them towards a more secure future. The WEP motto, “Power to the Powerless through Education” expresses our hope to help Sudanese women retrieve their dignity, protect themselves in the marketplace, improve their employment prospects and secure a better future for their children.

What We Do

Teaching primary health care

Empowerment and education are the cornerstones of all that WEP does.

Today the charity has eight educational and educational support projects and operates in the Khartoum area, in Darfur and in the Nuba Mountains of Southern Kordofan. The charity’s flagship project, University Scholarships for Women, has over 200 graduates. Other projects include Women’s Literacy, Vocational Training, Basic School Scholarships (for HIV/AIDS affected children) and Teacher Training in basic self help schools for the displaced. WEP educational support projects include Solar Lighting for schools, clinics and community centres off the electricity grid and two internationally praised projects, Eye Care Outreach and HIV/AIDS Awareness Outreach. care.

Among Women's Education Partnership Patrons are the previous Archbishop of Canterbury, distinguished Sudanese professionals and the present and past British ambassadors to Sudan. All WEP Trustees and Patrons are volunteers and WEP has no paid employees other than staff in its Khartoum and Kadugli project centres and no office outside Sudan.

An Appeal for Support

A solar panel in use

We reach out to people who are often far from conventional help with simple cost effective solutions.

Sadly, in common with many of our major donors, The Women's Education Partnership is experiencing financial difficulties because of the international economic crisis and rising costs. Several of our institutional donors who depend on investments to provide dividends and/or subscriptions to raise funds are not able at present to continue support to The Women's Education Partnership. We have already had to suspend three of our educational projects and we face the possibility that we shall have to pay off some of our hardworking and experienced Sudanese staff. The end result could even be the closure of the charity.

Please help us hold hope for the displaced and disadvantaged women and children of Sudan.


Vist our donate page to find out how you can help!

A marginal corneal ulcer removed

This woman had a marginal corneal ulcer removed through one of our eye care outreach events. Restoring her sight restored her life.

What you can do?

Donations in any amount are much appreciated. But please consider whether you are able to support work such as this – and contribute to maintaining peace in Sudan – by providing regular donations. Regular donations allow us to plan ahead and work more effectively.

  • £15 ($26.19) will buy a child a pair of prescription glasses
  • £50 ($87.30) will pay for cataract surgery and follow up for her grandmother.