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All children deserve education

All children deserve education

The Women's Education Partnership puts a huge amount of importance on it's education projects, the needs of children and teachers in displaced communities and the rural communities of the Nuba Mountains are considerable.

One of the founding principles of The Women's Education Partnership is to listen to what the people we serve say that they need. Time and time again the request is for education.

Listening we have acted and providing education for those who would not otherwise be able to have it has become a major feature of our work. The Women's Education Partnership provides support for funding the schooling of children who have been affected by HIV or AIDS. The knock on effect of a child's parents having died of AIDS can often leave them living with relatives that cannot afford to pay for their education. Children in this situation go without unless we step in.

A picture of AIDS affected children sponsored through Women's Education Partnership

Children sponsored by Women's Education Partnership play between lessons

A picture of students in a classroom

Great encouragement is given to education