The HIV/AIDS Awareness Outreach

This project, virtually unique in Sudan, began in 2002 with the approval of the Sudan National Aids Project. After years of generous support from The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, the project was suspended for lack of funds. But we have just been able to restart it using funds raised at last year's Lambeth event. Now we are looking for new donors to enable it to continue.

A teacher with a blackboard

Simple methods can be very effective

One of our local partners in Khartoum is the People Living with AIDS Care Association, a group of northerners, southerners and westerners, many of them displaced from their home areas, who by their efforts to deal with the growing AIDS pandemic in Sudan are making a valuable political and social statement.


The project re-started in 2012 with eight awareness outreaches and continued in 2013 and 2014 at the rate of two outreaches per month with funding from our unrestricted funds.. Eight out of 12 outreaches were carried out with a total number of 680 attendees. In January and June 2014 no HIV/AIDS awareness sessions were organized, since HIV/AIDS awareness is based limited resources.

Kimu Clinic, Juba

In response to a bid from NWERO we have funded 18 outreaches to be conducted in KImu Health Clinic, Juba University and the women’s prison. This is a six month project October 2014 to April 2015.

A woman is treated in Kimu Clinic

Caring for people where they live is important

A six month project to assist with medicines for disadvantaged women has been put in place and Kimu Clinic will host HIV/Aids outreaches for the Kimu community.