Mary's Story - From Cleaning The Office to Training to Become a Midwife

This is Mary who wants to be a Midwife

Mary wants to be a Midwife

My name is Marry Adam Koko. I am a Nuba coming from the Haiban tribe existed in eastern part of south Kordofan state. I'm number seven in my family of 4 girls and 5 boys. Unfortunately although I'm the only one in the family who has a Sudanese certificate, I was not able to enter University. It was necessary for me to go out and earn money to help my father.

We settled in Khartoum Al-fitemab village and I did a lot of casual work to earn money and help my family before joining Together for Sudan organization as a part-time cleaner in July 2012.

My ambition has always been to complete my studies to find a better job or to acquire skills to enable me to work professionally.

I learnt about the midwifery scholarship during my work for TfS. I decided to apply because the training would develop me socially and I know that in my area there is an urgent need for trained women. There is only one midwife in our area and she is always busy.

"I hope sincerely, if I succeed in completing this course, to work honestly helping my people in the village where I reside and if the situations permit I would like to go back home at Nuba Mountains to disseminate the knowledge and deliver health messages and to educate my people about the family health and care."

Thank you Together for Sudan. Without your support I would never had this opportunity.

The 2 year training scheme is supported by the government but Mary could not have joined as she is poor and needs uniform, special shoes, a special scarf, a bed sheet and some hostel accommodation together with help with some transport costs and food. Our supporters are funding Marry and another 9 women in this way. Thank you for your generosity.

Read about our Midwife training initiative (PDF file)

Some Midwife trainees with Lillian and Neimat

Some of our midwives in training, Mary is in the middle of the back row, standing next to Neimat, our in country coordinator and Lillian Craig Harris.

Watch this space for more Women's Education Partnership (Together for Sudan) Good News Stories. Thank you for your support and encouragement. There is much more we can do with your help.

Peter Hullah