The Women's Education Partnership in the Nuba Mountains

Two Ex TfS Nuba students now Teachers

Two of our university graduates now working in the Nuba Mountains and one of our university scholars

The Women's Education Partnership's Sub - office in Kadugli, the Nuba Mountains, South Kordofan, a long neglected and underprivileged area, has always been of significant interest to The Women's Education Partnership. In the beginning, all young women who received our university scholarships were from the Nuba Mountains. Today more than 30 of our university graduates are back in the area, many of them working for UN and other humanitarian agencies. Lack of schools and medical facilities as well as inadequate infrastructure, a difficult climate and political unrest all characterize the area. In 2005 We opened a field office in this fragile and volatile area between northern and southern Sudan.

Today our work in South Kordofan centers mainly on the capital city of Kadugli in the Nuba Mountains due as much to monitoring difficulties over often ungraded roads as to limited funding. A present trend for international funding agencies to prefer to fund work in South Kordofan, Darfur and southern Sudan rather than in the Khartoum area has accelerated our efforts to work in the Kadugli area. Already South Kordofan has benefitted from our efforts. The Women's Education Partnership is the only supplier in the Nuba Mountains of Eye Care Outreach and of HIV/AIDS Awareness training. During May 2010 we held an Eye Care outreach in Abu Jebeiha, examining 1,063 patients, removing the cataracts of 252, providing reading glasses to 292, giving medications for various conditions to 896 and referring 10 for further medical help in Khartoum. Likewise we have pioneered in South Kordofan in the training of basic and kindergarten teachers. The latter has led to the opening of at least 20 kindergartens in the Kadugli area and to a state government decision that no child may enter basic school without first passing through kindergarten.

Ibrahim - Our Man in Kadugli

Ibrahim Jabir a man of many talents

A man of many talents - Ibrahim.

Ibrahim Ahmed Jabir has been the Women's Education Partnership Field Coordinator in our Kadugli office since 2008 and has made a major impact on the community. Following him around Kadugli for meetings with various officials and agencies, I quickly understood why he has gained the respect of our partners and local government officials.

Born in the Nuba Mountains, Ibrahim knows the history and politics of South Kordofan, and the needs of the people. Ibrahim, is married and has several children. Having spent five years in Italy, he speaks Italian as well as Arabic and English. His skills as a certified electrician are frequently in demand and have added to his local popularity.

Because of the fighting that swept through South Kordofan in early June Ibrahim has been relocated to Khartoum where he is as active as ever.

With your help Ibrahim could do much more.