Project Status - Last Updated November 2014

This page is designed to give you just a brief view of our current projects and our funding needs as they currently stand. Click on any project header to see more detail on that particular project.

University Scholarships

In March 2014 there were in Sudan 83 scholars. Eighteen scholars graduated from Ahfad in April 2014 and one from Bahary. We now have 64 scholars at 5 universities. Five are sponsored by the Mohamed Ibrahim Foundation, 15 by the Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund, 24 by Humanity United, 2 by St. Martin's and 18 by individual supporters.

The scholars hostel in Omdurman was set up in 2012 for 25 students and there are now 17 residents.

In South Sudan there are 10 scholars studying in Juba University, 7 are sponsored by the Mohamed Ibrahim Foundation, 2 by Sarum St Michael and 1 by the Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund. We had our first 2 graduates from Juba University in October 2014.

In 13 years we have had 310 University graduates, 21 in the period from Jan to September 2014.

Current Funding

All existing scholars are funded through to the end of their studies (or funding is pledged to that end). One donor has provided full funding for 2 extra scholars, including hostel places, for the 6 years at Ahfad.

Eye Care OutreachEye care outreach

Sixteen eye care outreaches were conducted in the Khartoum area in the period from January to September 2014 at the rate of 2 outreaches per month (no outreaches in January). In these outreaches 1472 patients were examined by experienced Ophthalmologists, 185 operations were carried out, and a further 43 were recommended. The total number of glasses and lenses distributed was 379. Additionally, 776 patients were supplied with medicines. It has not been possible to resume work in the Nuba Mountains.

Current Funding

Existing funding is exhausted, as is a one-off donation from a supporter found through the website. Work is being stepped up using general funds. But we need urgently to find a new donor for 2015.

Women's Literacy

The first stage of this project began in July 2012. After teacher training of 30 teachers using a grant from the British Embassy, 20 classes were formed. A further 7 classes were added in July 2013, after refresher training for 25 teachers in June of that year.

The first 20 classes ended their two academic years in March 2014, while the 7 new classes ended their first academic year in March2014, and re-started the second stage of the academic year in April 2014. This will end by March 2015. Three classes will be added to the existing 7 classes to increase the number of classes to 10.

Women learners started the second stage of REFLECT training with great enthusiasm with an attendance in September for 5 classes out of 7 was 157 learners.

Current Funding

Funding of £11,000 remains from Refugees International Japan and the British Embassy, enough for our work in Khartoum for another 12 months, at current levels of activity.

HIV/AIDS outreach, Khartoum

The project re-started in 2012 with eight awareness outreaches and continued in 2013 and 2014 at the rate of two outreaches per month with funding from our unrestricted funds.. Eight out of 12 outreaches were carried out with a total number of 680 attendees. In January and June 2014 no HIV/AIDS awareness sessions were organised, owing to movement restrictions.

Current Funding

WEP is funding this from its general funds. New donors will be required if the project is to be extended into 2015.

NWERO and Kimu Clinic South Sudan

National Women's Empowerment & Rehabilitation Organisation (NWERO) South Sudan

In response to a bid from NWERO we have funded 18 outreaches to be conducted in Kimu Health Clinic, Juba University and the women's prison. This is a six month project lasting from October 2014 to April 2015

Kimu Health Clinic, South Sudan

The Kimu Health Centre serves around 49,000 residents of Gudele district Juba, people who have no other health facilities in the area. We try to support it as best as we can with funding for specific and urgent needs; we are also funding the training of medical staff. Some 23,000 patients a year receive treatment in the health centre.

Kimu is one of our "pockets of hope" caring tirelessly for its clients throughout all the painful conflict and turmoil of recent months.

Kimu always needs more help please do think about this when considering your personal giving. All monies donated will go straight to the Centre without deduction.

Current Funding

We are aiming to find new funding from a long term supporter group in early 2015 which will enable this crucial AIDS awareness work to continue.

A generous donation made possible by Womens Education Partnership supporters to the clinic has seen it go solar. Panels now provide lighting for emergency operations and fridges for cooling medicines independently of the erratic electricity supply. A six month project to assist with medicines for disadvantaged women has also been put in place and Kimu Clinic will host HIV/Aids outreaches for the Kimu community.

Elementary Schools and Scholarships

The elementary schools scholarship project restarted in July 2013 with funding from ICING covering 10 schools. Almost four thousand (3944) students are enrolled at the schools where we provide incentives for teachers. 133 (Girls 74 and Boys 59) orphans benefit from free places at the 10 schools at which TFS has supported teachers. Out of 133 supported students (115 in lower classes and 18 in grade 8) who sat for basic certificates in March-14, 12 passed successfully to high secondary schools.

This academic year 136 orphans are supported out of total number of 4666 students at our 10 partner schools. The Children of Sudan organisation is continuing to support the Kenneth Frazer School in Omdurman (one out of the ten schools) for educating ten children, orphaned through AIDS, since May 2012. This support has helped the school to complete the construction of two classes last year.

Two more schools will be added to bring the total to 12. Our work has been approved by the Administrator of Education in Khartoum State.

Current Funding

Funding is available at the present level of spending for another year but the demand is overwhelming. However, the project needs to be expanded and longer term support identified.

The Solar Panel Project

We have been unable to monitor this project since June 2011 because of insecurity, and cannot therefore confirm whether any of the panels installed in village centres and schools outside Kadugli are still operational. Telephone contact has been lost with those responsible for the panels. Fighting is still taking place in the Kadugli area.

Current Funding

Approx £2K of the Canada Fund's grant remains unspent (intended to install the looted panels in the Nuba Mountains).