The Message Gets Through to Abaas

We support health sessions in the places where our women teachers are working with disadvantaged people. This story tells how Abbas learnt more from one of our women trainers.

£7500 supports HIV/Aids awareness outreaches for a year, providing education to 2500 people in vulnerable groups living in the internal refugee areas round Khartoum. Thank you for your generosity and please continue to donate.

Abaas talking to Saudi in the WEP Project Centre

Abaas tells his story to Saudi (right) of the WEP/TFS office in Khartoum.

My name is Abaas Mohamed Elkhair. I attended one of the HIV/AIDS outreaches and discovered very valuable information and facts about HIV/AIDS, although I am a university student and should have known all this before. From this presentation, I learnt more about ways of transmission.

Before this presentation I had a bad impression of infected persons, I was afraid to cooperate with people living with HIV/AIDS and I was not interested to hear about them. I said to any person who talked about HIV/AIDS carriers that we must keep them away from the community. But when I saw and listened to Zihour Omar Elfaki (HIV/AIDS carrier) who stood before us courageously and talked openly about her experience and spoke about stigma, I changed my mind about infected persons.

I am really grateful to Women's Education Partnership for its great efforts to raise awareness, especially among the youth. This encouraged me to volunteer to spread awareness about the danger of HIV/AIDS disease among my colleagues at Sudanese universities.

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