Training and Graduation

A Graduation Ceremony for Basic School Children

Children of Umbatah Kindergarten

Children of the Umbatah Kindergarten

The February 2010 graduation ceremony for 65 children, both girls and boys, at Umbatah kindergarten in the Kadugli area was cause for great community rejoicing. Together for Sudan has been working with teachers in this area of the Nuba Mountains for several years and has carried out over 20 educational training events for teachers both from the Kadugli area and from schools outside the city. Due to our success in helping locals set up kindergartens, local authorities have decreed that all children in the area must attend kindergarten before entering basic school. Local parents and teachers expressed their great appreciation to Together for Sudan’s Field Representative and urged him to make certain that TfS educational support for local communities continues.

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Teacher Training

A newly trained teacher shows her certificate

A newly trained teacher proudly shows off her certificate.

During the past four years Together for Sudan has been training school teachers and health workers in the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan. In January 2010 we were able, thanks to funding from The Body Shop, a British charity, to conduct another training for basic school teachers. Lasting for three weeks, the course was attended by 25 teachers (18 male and seven female) from schools in Kadugli and environs. In a celebration during which the teachers were presented with documents verifying their training, community leaders expressed appreciation to TfS for its pioneer role in raising the educational level of the people of the Nuba Mountains.

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Please note that in 2013 Together for Sudan was renamed as the Women's Education Partnership