Lillian Craig Harris - Director of Together for Sudan 2005-2013

Lillian Craig-Harris

Lillian Craig Harris.

Lillian has been a teacher, a journalist, a UN public information officer, a political analyst and a diplomat. She is the author of several books, including two about Sudan, and holds a doctorate in Modern Asian History from Georgetown University and masters degrees from the American University of Beirut (Modern Middle Eastern History) and Syracuse University (journalism).

After moving to Cairo in 1990 with her husband Alan Goulty, a British diplomat, she founded Befrienders Cairo.

While living in Khartoum from 1995-98 she helped start four charities: the English Language Foundation, The Women's Action Group for Peace and Development, Befrienders Khartoum and The Bishop Mubarak Scholarship Fund for Nuba Women.

In 1999 the BMF was registered as a British charity and Together for Sudan - Now called the Women's Education Partnership - was set up to provide ongoing support to various other projects which Lillian and Alan supported while living in Sudan. Lillian remained full time volunteer director of Together for Sudan until February 2013 when she stepped down due to ill health. Lillian still works as a trustee and frequently lectures about the work of the Women's Education Partnership as well as about the need for peace and reconciliation in Sudan.

Lillian, Peter our director and all other Women's Education Partnership trustees -- are unpaid volunteers. There are no paid staff outside Sudan or South Sudan.

With your help the Women's Education Partnership can do much more good work.

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