Two Vocational Training Stories

Charles Victor Atora

Charles a TfS Vocational Student

A picture of Charles our Vocational Student

Charles Victor Atora is one of our vocational training scholars. His father died a long time ago, so he is now responsible for taking care of himself and his mother. He works as a builder after school for a small amount of money that they use for food and transport. With independence of the South, Charles' mother has moved to Juba but Charles chose to stay in Khartoum where he can train as an electrician at vocational training school. He said 'this is the only way that I can guarantee a better life for my mother and myself.' He added, 'through education you get more opportunities that allow you to get a good job with a decent salary'. He is happy that in a few years he will be able to improve his skills and lift himself out of poverty.


Aumima a TfS Vocational Student

Aumima a proud WEP Vocational Student

Aumima is a twenty years old student from the Nuba mountains studying in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning. Her father is a driver and her mother sells tea on the street in Omdurman. She has two sisters who did not continue their education after primary school. She was proud of herself when she said, "I am the only one in my family who is continuing her education thanks to the Women's Education Partnership scholarship." She added, "Learning is as important as food and water in our life." She also said that, "through education and learning you can do a civilized job and get the respect of other people." After graduation, Aumina is planning to work in her specialization at a factory so that she can support herself and her family.