An Update from Kimu Clinic

Silas Jojo runs the inspirational Kimu Clinic which provides basic healthcare to people in Juba, South Sudan. Shown here is an extract of a message sent to Peter our director giving an update of the local situation.

"In Kimu we are struggling to continue delivering health services to the community members in the health centre. But the running cost of the centre is becoming a burden to us given the current economic situation in the country. Kimu is busy and trying to give hope to the people of South Sudan. 

The literacy class has also started with orientation of the women for three months in nutrition, hygiene and HIV/AIDS. This orientation course is carried out by two staff from World Vision. The current famine situation in South Sudan has forced the government and NGOs to come up with programmes to teach women nutrition preventive measures. Lessons for writing, reading and simple Arithmetic will start in April.

Things are moving very slowly. All these are problems are making things move very slow and hindering frequent communications. However, I pray that things will change to be better. True, it could be much better for us to talk face to face but currently there is no guarantee in regards to the security situation in Juba; however, God will pave the way for us to meet".

Women's Education Partnership are sending immediately the sum of $10,000 to Silas as an emergency grant to Kimu Health Centre to help him continue with the work he does. There is a sense of real crisis at the moment in South Sudan from other communications we have received and we are well placed to give funds directly where we know they will be useful. 

We would like to encourage our donors to continue contributing to WEP for our work in Sudan and South Sudan.

Please give to support us in this work.

Please consider giving toward the work we do in South Sudan by supporting Kimu Clinic with a donation.

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