Thanks from our Vocational Scholars - Young Men That Just Want to Say Thanks

The Women's Education partnership Vocational Training Project began in 2007 with only a handful of scholars, all young men. It is our first effort to provide training specifically to boys beyond primary school and arose out of the perceived need to ensure that disadvantaged and talented young men receive training which will enrich and dignify their lives and help them support their families towards a better future.

See below a messages of thanks from some of our vocational scholars that The Women's Education partnership has helped.

Gidion Ibrahim Tutu

Tfs scholar Gideon Ibrahim Tutu

Gidion proudly displays his diploma

I am Gidion Ibrahim Tutu. I graduated from Modern National Institute in the field of Refrigeration & Air conditioning. Firstly what could I write?

I am full of pleasure for the greater WEP efforts. I had left school for a long time due to my financial situations. I thank God for this opportunity to enroll in Vocational Training and my appreciation also for Women's Education Partnership members especially for Saudi who encouraged us to study hard.

Omar Attai Jebrail

TfS scholar Omar Attai Jebrail

Omar seen here hard at work

I am Omar Attia Jebreil. I study auto mobile electricity at the vocational training centre. I would like to thank The Women's Education Partnership for its great efforts. Two years ago I benefited from WEP eye care outreach which was conducted in Nuba Mountains. I had an eye problem and I saw a WEP Ophthalmologist. I was interested to study vocational training, but my financial circumstances didn’t allow me to join vocational institute since my father who sponsor the family died. Fortunately, WEP achieved my desire by offering me scholarship.

Mohamed Hassan Mardoum

TfS scholar Mohammed Hassan

Mohamed gets to grips with some paperwork

I am Mohamed Hassan Mardoum. I study general electricity at the vocational training centre. In fact, Women's Education Partnership solved my problem and lead me to a brighter future, because I will acquire a job which will assist me to support my family. Also WEP donation reduced the burden at my family. I thank all Women's Education Partnership staff members as they are dedicated for the sake of destitute and disadvantage young men.

Hani Hamid Ahmed

TfS scholar Hani Hamed Ahmed

Hani proudly displaying his diploma

I am Hani Hamid Ahmed. I am graduated from Alfyha centre for vocational training in the field of air-conditioning. I discontinued at school, because my family is very poor and I became hopeless in life. Fortunately the Women's Education Partnership achieved my ambition by offering scholarship in the vocational training. After graduation I have got a job as air-conditioning technician in traffic police. I thank WEP for giving me new spirit and I become responsible of my family members.

Ali Mohamed, Abazar AbdElrahman and Mustafa Mahdi

TfS scholar Hani Hamed Ahmed

Wahib, Abazar and Mustafa hard at work with their studies

I am Wahib Ali Mohamed. I study general electricity at Alfyha centre for vocational training. My mother looks after the family members and she is a worker and earns very little money which doesn’t cover our living expenditures. If The Women's Education partnership doesn’t pay tuition fees, I can’t enroll in vocational training institute. I thank WEP for it support and I wish WEP to continue in this important project.

I am Abazar AbdElrahman. I study general mechanic at Alfyha centre for vocational training. I appreciate The Women's Education Partnership for its support to the destitute young men which help me acquire a profession through joining the vocational training institute. Whatever I write, I couldn’t give The Women's Education Partnership as much as it has offered me.

I am Mustafa Mahdi. I study general mechanic at Alfyha centre for vocational training. I pass my thankfulness and appreciation to The Women's Education Partnership which is sponsoring my education in the vocational training institute. I consider WEP as a blessing from God.