Power to the Powerless through Education

Women’s Education Partnership aims to secure a better future for disadvantaged Sudanese and South Sudanese women and children by providing educational support without religious or ethnic discrimination.


Sudan, once the largest country in Africa is now two countries. After more than 20 years of conflict two million people have died and four million have been displaced. Despite a peace agreement in 2005, ethnic conflict, environmental degradation and widespread human suffering continue. There are many displaced people who still cannot return to their homes. The living conditions of hundreds of thousands of marginalised people remain inhumane and degrading. Women’s Education Partnership began its work in response to the needs and requests of displaced and marginalised people.

Women’s Education Partnership takes its lead from what displaced and marginalised people say they need and seeks to help those whose lives have been shattered by war and displacement prepare for a better future through education. Equally important, we are committed to ethnic, religious and social reconciliation through shared community service. Our donors, patrons, employees and volunteers include Muslims and Christians.

We believe in:

  • Education as a human right
  • The empowerment of women for a better future
  • Response to what marginalised people, women in particular, say they need
  • Respect for people of different religious and ethnic backgrounds
  • Personal and community empowerment through service
  • Promotion of volunteerism
  • Provision of basic medical and other support to foster education
  • Combating HIV/AIDS through education

Target Groups

  • Marginalised, displaced and illiterate Sudanese and South Sudanese women
  • Marginalised and displaced young women seeking university education in Sudan
  • Children from destitute or displaced families
  • Communities with no affordable medical resources
  • Teachers in self-help basic schools
  • Community organisations in settlements for displaced persons