Meet Our Staff

Neimat, Country Coordinator

My name is Neimat.  I am a Sudanese woman by origin, I speak Arabic, as it is my mother tongue, and I speak as well fluent English. Both my father and my mother are originally from Darfur but my mother born in Gedarif eastern of Sudan, since then my extended family are living in Gedarif.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Family Sciences from Ahfad University.  I am have been working for Women’s Education Partnership (WEP) since November 2002 and as a Country Coordinator, since July 2007 responsible for overall management and supervision of the Women’s Education Partnership projects and personnel including finance. My objective is to dedicate my knowledge and experience to help impoverished people with focus on women and children through working with humanitarian organizations where hard work, passion and devotion is treasured.


  Saudi, Office Manager

My name is Saudi. I have bachelor degree in Economics and Political science from Khartoum University and I also have a diploma in General English Language from British Educational Institutes September. I have worked for Women’s Education Partnership since 2007 and the areas of my job include Office Manager & Project monitor, supervise Eye care project including prepare narrative & financial reports for the treasurer & donors and monitoring, work as accountant and my duties include administrating payrolls, controlling income & expenditures, produce reports to treasurer & donors, auditing financial information and financial forecast. Education is a right for every person and my objective is to help impoverished people particularly women and children how to get access for education so as to build brighter future.


Hoyam, Project Administrator

My name is Hoyam Isameldin Hassan Ali; I am a part-time project administrator for undergraduate students at Women’s Education Partnership (WEP).I’m a psychologist graduate from Ahfad University for women (AUW), specializing in Counselling and health psychology.  My interest includes broadcasting, writing, reading and being a successful leader. “Buy me a book as a bribe, and then ask for what you want”

Adila, Project Coordinator

My name is Adila Elzaibag Abd elrahman, Sudanese woman from Rashad, South Kordofan, born on 1952 and I am currently widow.

Education: I have master degree on translation (Arabic-English) from Khartoum University2003. Diploma on translation (1988),iploma on Adult Education (1981) and Bachelor degree in English Language Omdurman Islamic University 1977

 Work experience: Literacy and basic schools project coordinator WEP.  Literacy as a tool for Community Security and Social Cohesion (CSSC) Displacements camps in Khartoum, as well as in villages   at Kasala, Red 2012 Sea, and Gadarif, Blue Nile.  Peace and conflict resolution in displacement camps. Khartoum and Kordofan. 2009  Democracy and peace building in 2 localities at Khartoum and 2 at Bahri, 2 at Omdurman.  Capacity building for women leaders at 3states River Nile, Gazira and Sinnar Teacher and head of translation department with Khartoum College for Applied Science.  Head of Asmaa society for development.  Member and head of Sudanese Women Union.  Deputy secretary of (Sout Almraa) Woman’s Voice on voluntary base.  Teaching in secondary schools.  An information officer and head of the information department with the ministry of youth and sports 1977-1990 when politically terminated.    Head of the Sudanese women Union