War in Sudan, April 2023

Dear friends, supporters and sponsors,

As you will know from the dreadful news, intense fighting and bombardment has broken out in Sudan between two military factions. The ongoing war is particularly intense on the streets of the nation’s capital Khartoum, where our aid staff and their families are based. There and elsewhere the violence has caused immense suffering with countless lives lost and many more injured or displaced from their homes. The effect of the war has been particularly cruel and devastating during the holy month of Ramadan.

We are very relieved to report that, at the time of writing, all our staff are safe, though some of them have been forced to flee their homes. We express our profound gratitude to all of them. They have demonstrated great presence of mind, professionalism and courage over the past days. Women’s Education Partnership has worked in Sudan for well over two decades. During this time, our Sudanese team and partners in Khartoum have weathered many storms. Nothing, however, comes anywhere close to the humanitarian tragedy now engulfing the country during this, the holiest of months in the Islamic calendar.

The work that all charities are carrying out to provide much needed assistance and support in Sudan has been jeopardised by the present conflict. As an educational charity, we are especially sad to see the disruption suffered to the education of young people as they approach the end of their academic year. All schooling has ceased and universities are closed.

We are rigorously impartial and therefore cannot comment on or engage in any discussion on the political dimensions of the current crisis. But it is abundantly clear that it is time for the two sides to come together and seek a peaceful resolution to their differences. It is only through dialogue and negotiation that lasting peace can be achieved.

Thank you for your understanding during these very difficult times.

The Trustees and volunteers of
Women’s Education Partnership

Our work in South Sudan continues and has fortunately not been affected by this crisis, so far

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