Student Story: Part 1, October 2020

In the first edition of our student stories, we hear from one of WEP’s funded university scholars, Hawa:

“I am Hawa Adam Dawood from Khartoum, and I study at Ahfad University for Women, in the School of Psychology. I am in my third year, with interest in special education at kindergarten level.

At the beginning my main difficulty was the English language. In time I set a goal to overcome the problem, and have made continuous improvement by reading and speaking a lot in English.   I aspire to prove to myself and to everyone around me that girls are able to make their own destiny and reach the highest levels of success. I want to leave my fingerprint in the field of special education, by giving girls the support they need to solve all their problems and to stand up for their rights in society.

In Sudan the main problem is society’s view of women as weak, their only role is to have children, raise them, and take care of the home. But today this female is able to make a difference in society, and this is what I found in the organisation and at Ahfad University for Women.

Finally, don’t seek encouragement from others, make up your own encouragement. Don’t wait for others to give you reason to do something, do it for yourself. No reason is greater than yourself, and no-one is more important than you.”

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