Neimat’s January Message, January 2022

We would like to welcome our new staff member Hoyam Isameldin Hassan, who joined WEP as a Part-Time project administrator responsible for under graduate students. Hoyam herself was a WEP sponsored student, graduated last year and is doing well in her work, which prove that our support for undergraduate young women is fruitful. Despite all the challenges faced by WEP staff due to civil unrest, WEP continues to provide it is services.

The economic situation

Life became unsecure with an increase in the crimes especially in the edges of Khartoum where WEP is operating/providing services.

The work environment became unsafe with the on-going demonstrations which are confronted by violence; tearing bombs enters sometimes our office, since it is located near the demonstration gathering point, therefore return home while demonstrations took place is a risk.

A great challenge related to the devaluation of the Sudanese pounds which affected us badly no matter personally or at work level. With an un-preceded increase in the prices whether of food, medicine, house rent, transportation, school fees or other expenses, let alone entertainment, cloths and social contacts which become as luxury, as at work level the prices of the stationeries, rents, electricity, fuel and the net are beyond reason.

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