Update on Covid, March 2022

In order to reduce the outbreak of COVID-19, Women’s Education Partnership adopted a policy of stay at home in 2020 & 2021 with some office work when required. Universities and schools were closed by the government in February 2022 for a month and only upper classes (grade 8,6 & 3rd grade at secondary school) were exempted and WEP also closed literacy circles especially the majority of women in literacy circles are older who live in the out skirt of Khartoum where healthy services are very poor, we advised them to stay at home. WEP was able to respond to disaster by supply its beneficiaries with the protection materials including Dettol soaps, sanitizers and face masks. During the distributions of these materials, awareness sessions about the prevention of disease were conducted by WEP staff, literacy facilitators, and WEP sponsored university students.   

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